In addition to providing replacement parts under warranty, EF – Mobilidade Elétrica develops Technical Assistance and After Sales in two vectors:

  • Staff training and specialized support for the customer assistance workshop – Allows the customer to maintain their workshop and assistance structure, enabling them to use a new mobility technology. This service includes:
    • Appropriate training plan carried out with support from ZT BUS
    • Specialized consultancy for the necessary changes to the workshop to meet manufacturer and regulatory requirements
    • Close monitoring, in person and by telephone, of the After Sales Director of EF – Mobilidade Elétrica whenever justified and at key moments in the maintenance program.
  • Implementation from scratch and operation of a service structure dedicated to the customer – Allows the customer to operate without the need for internalized assistance, passing to EF – Mobilidade Elétrica the responsibility of maintaining fleet operationality. This service, which can be performed within the client’s facilities, includes:
    • Workshop assembly that meets the manufacturer’s requirements and regulations
    • Provision of trained and certified staff by the manufacturer
    • Compliance with the scheduled maintenance plan
    • Corrective maintenance in the event of breakdowns or collisions

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